Fujitsu 3.2 kW High Wall KMTC Heat Pump / Air Conditioner (includes installation)

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Fujitsu 2.50 kW Wall Mounted KMTC Heat Pump / Air Conditioner


Fujitsu KMTC models - designed to be less obtrusive and integrate seamlessly with the room's interior. The matte finish and smooth edges create a modern aesthetic to suit contemporary homes.

Group Control: The complete KMTC range now features a group control option. This allows for up to 16 indoor units to be controlled as a group from one wired remote control. Each indoor unit requires the optional control PCB to allow connection to a single wired controller. Backlit touch panel controller and simple remote controller options are available.

Air Quality: Air quality is maintained throughout the home with the apple-catechin filter. Fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful microorganisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples.

Human Sensor Control: An intelligent feature which detects movement of people to deliver optimum efficiency and temperature control. When in operation, if the sensor detects no movement in a room after 20 minutes, the air conditioner will automatically switch to energy saving operation, modifying the temperate to minimise energy consumption. When movement is detected within the room, the air conditioner reverts back to its previous setting.

Optional Smart Device Control: This model can be controlled from anywhere using a smart device by fitting the optional USB wireless LAN interface. This can be achieved without the need of any additional specialised installation work or optional PCB's.

  • Capacity Cooling kW: 2.50 (0.9-3.6)
  • Capacity Heating kW: 3.20 (0.9-5.30)


Operation Type Reverse Cycle
Power Source V / Ph / HZ 240 / 1 / 50
Capacity Cooling kW 2.50 (0.9-3.6)
Capacity Heating kW 3.20 (0.9-5.30)
Input Power Cooling kW 0.53 (0.25-1.04)
Input Power Heating kW 0.66 (0.25-1.61)
EER Cooling kW / kW 4.71
COP Heating kW / kW 4.84
Star Rating Cooling 5
Star Rating Heating 5
Running Current Cooling / Heating amps 3.0 / 3.5
Moisture Removal l / hr 0.3
Noise Level Indoor Sound Pressure (High / Quiet) Heating 40 / 21
Noise Level Outdoor Sound Pressure (Cooling/Heating) 46 / 46
Noise Level Outdoor Sound Power 61
Air Circulation (Indoor - High Fan) Cooling / Heating 194 / 197
Net Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor Unit 270 x 834 x 222
Net Dimensions (HxWxD) Outdoor Unit 542 x 799 x 290
Max. Pipe Length (Precharged Length) m 20 (15)
Max. Height Difference m 15
Operation Range Cooling -10 to 46
Operation Range Heating -15 to 24
Refrigerant R32


This product comes with a 60 month manufacturer's warranty.


  • This pricing is for a back-to-back installation only with a maximum pair coil use of 5m. Additional costs may apply based on in-home consultation.
  • This offer is only available for installations within the Canterbury Region.
  • Additional costs may apply for commercial premises, or for residential building companies.

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